Thursday, September 01, 2005


For the past three years the Bush administration has been handing out fat government contracts to its cronies and political allies via the bloated Department of Homeland Security rather than, say, instructing DHS to develop and implement emergency plans.

That much should be evident from the chaos ensuing in New Orleans and elsewhere in the Gulf Coast. Yes, it was inevitable some storm at some time would submerge New Orleans under a red tide. We can't blame the Feds for that--maybe we can blame state and local incompetence for not maintaining the levees. But the fact that no one knows what to do with the survivors--how to get them food, water, and the fuck out of there--that's a job for the Feds.

What if, rather than a flood, an entire major city's population needed to evacuate because of a chemical, biological, or radiation attack? This is, after all, the scenario the Bush administration has threatened us with since 9/11.

They have no plan. Period. And now, people are dying today because those fuckers feasted at the trough rather than do what they told the public we needed to do to make our country safe; what they told us only they and not a Democrat could do.

Getting people out of these areas and to a safe, clean place where they can get the immediate help they need is only the beginning. There is a major class issue obviously to be addressed here, but I still haven't finished my internship paper, so for now all I will say is that Bush's government has failed the people (again), and these people need our help. Help them to put their lives back on track after this travesty.

The agribusiness lobby will make sure that people have enough food while the faith lobby will ensure people have ample Bibles to cry on. Why not give where it is needed?

ACORN, founded and headquarterd in New Orleans (and whose headqaurters is now partially submerged), has established a Hurricane Recovery and Rebuilding Fund.

The money will go to help low income families devastated by this disaster get the ongoing help they need.

Put your money here.


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