Tuesday, June 08, 2004


I've been on blogging hiatus for some time now. First I was travelling. Then I had my wisdom teeth out (pray you don't get dry sockey--ouch!). Then I was working a lot of overtime. Then it was just blog weariness or maybe blog ennui. It seems that so many blogs have devolved into posting links to newspaper or opinion articles. While enjoying (largely) the process of blogging and the outlet it provides, the acknowledgement that I am little more than a fringe blogger is rather demoralinzing...spending hours researching, prodding the archane depths of the globalization political economy debates so that 40 or 50 people can reflect on how I see the world (and a good number of those coming here by the fiat of Google.

I guess it's just a blogging plateau. When I used to fancy myself a budding novelist, I sometimes experienced similar feelings as I prowled the streets and cafes of Chicago's near north late at night.

I'm getting over it.

Right now I want to take the opportunity to plug a new book coming out, thanks to my good friends over at the New Rules For Global Finance network. The book is called: Reclaiming Development: An Economic Policy Handbook for Activists and Policymakers

The authors are Ha Joon Chang, renowned Cambridge development economist and Ilene Grabel, an alum of my soon to be graduate school. I was thumbing through the book last night before I left the office. It combines a very thoughtful and theoretically cohesive critique of neo-liberal globalization with a thorough articulation of alternative economic policies.

I've added this to my Globalization reading list, which you can check out here.

I've added this to my


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