Thursday, March 13, 2008

And All Their Running Dogs


In their unwavering efforts to lead the world's fight against American Imperialism (yes, that's a capital "I"), the Chinese government today released its annual report on the US human rights record. Or you can read the summary straight from the horse's mouth here.

Among other things, the report documents high rates of abuse and violence complaints against police officers (and low rates of discipline and prosecution); soaring prison populations; violations of labor rights by public and private employers; severe gender and racial discrimination, including shocking rates of beating deaths of women.

The report also notes a number of instances where the federal government deployed propaganda mechanisms to deliberately distort the mass media for other than "national security" reasons; that the level of poverty in the US is staggering and deteriorating; and that up to 3 million youths are enslaved in forced sex work in the US (that's 1 percent of the total population!) by US government estimates.

In publishing this report, the Chinese government has definitely taken a shotgun approach (or kitchen-sink approach, call it what you will). Clearly many of their complaints are not the direct results of actions taken by abusive government officials (though plenty are). Rather, these indicators when compiled together in one place as such, comprise an almanac of the social decay wrought by the institutions implicitly and explicitly enforced by the US government: racism, sexism, and exploitive capitalism and imperialism.

*("People of the World Unite to Defeat the US Agressors and all their Running Dogs!")

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