Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Get Consular Warnings

I decided to try resuming blogging after a long blogging burn-out. That, and I obviously need more online distractions that do not include Scrabulous or dissertation writing.

This morning brings a nice consular warning from my rich Uncle Sam. Apparently, in the even of an avian flu pandemic, I might be sticking around China for a while:

If the WHO declares a pandemic, Americans who are overseas should be prepared to remain in country for an extended period. You should avoid non-essential travel beyond your home and workplace and you should limit activities that could expose you to others who may be ill. Based on varying conditions abroad, Americans should prepare contingency plans and emergency supplies (non-perishable food, potable water or water-purification supplies, medication, etc.) for the possibility of remaining in country for at least two and up to twelve weeks. Visit www.pandemicflu.gov to see examples of comprehensive planning checklists for individuals, businesses, schools, and other groups.

And what advice do they have for me in such an event?:

During a pandemic, people should practice social distancing measures such as teleworking, limiting face-to-face meetings, avoiding crowds, and maintaining a distance of six (6) feet or more from other people.

I'm guessing that whoever wrote this has never been to China. Probably only in Tibet, Xinjiang, or Inner Mongolia could one possibly get more than 6 feet away from another human being...


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