Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Don't know if it's the 90+ degree weather with humidity or the fact that a mere thirty to forty people stumble across this page every day by chance from Google, but I'm in a blogging rut. Who cares? Why bother? To what end...other than as an outlet for my selfish megalomaniacal tendencies?

Meanwhile, I've signed on to be a blogging contributor over here, though I am having second thoughts. Isn't my time better spent on things other than compiling news clippings for arm chair anti-imperialists? Sigh.

I've also launched a blog with some conspirators from my college-years radio days. Ours was a formless, inane, marginally entertaining, rambling talk show. It should translate well to the blog format some six plus years later. The radio show was called "The Show." So is the new blog. We're still feeling out how this thing might work.


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