Tuesday, July 05, 2005


As if I need any more reasons to despise the Heritage Foundation, the WaPo reports this morning:

It began as a shouting match on a busy Capitol Hill street corner during the frenetic morning commute, a bike-vs.-car incident not uncommon in a big city.

But then the silver-haired, retired Navy lieutenant got out of his car, approached the red-headed ballet dancer riding a bike and allegedly shoved her to the ground, authorities said. He got back into his car and, as bystanders followed him, drove down the block to his nearby office, the bicyclist said.

The man was identified as Ted E. Schelenski, 64, vice president for finance and operations at the Heritage Foundation, a think tank that promotes conservative policies. He pleaded not guilty this week to a charge of simple assault.

The irony? If Heritage did not support did not support an anti-environment deregulatory agenda promoting unsustainable energy, transportation, and development policies, maybe traffic in DC would be much less rage-inducing for Lt. Schelenski on his morning commute.


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