Monday, June 13, 2005


Heritage has interns, many, well payed interns.

The summer interns of the Heritage Foundation have arrived, forming an elite corps inside the capital's premier conservative research group. The 64 interns are each paid a 10-week stipend of $2,500, and about half are housed in a subsidized dorm at the group's headquarters, complete with a fitness room...Heritage has had interns, in ones and twos, ever since its founding in 1973. But it intensified its effort about 15 years ago, hiring a full-time intern coordinator. Another leap forward occurred in 1999, when a supporter, Tom Johnson, offered to donate an adjacent building. Mr. Feulner embarked on a $12 million fund-raising drive to renovate it and carved out space for 30 dorm rooms. For $10,000, donors could have their names in bronze on a dorm room door.

Hell, I'm making more than that as an intern this summer (though no dorm).

These people have some seriously good ideas...about how to win at politics at least, and they're playing to win--not just the vote on the next bill on the Congressional day book, we're talking social revolution.

We got our work cut out for us.


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