Thursday, October 21, 2004


Repeat Globalize This! readers might be wondering where I've been lately.

To put all rumors to rest, no I haven't been moonlighting as a successul E-bay trader. That's not me.

Mostly, recently, I've been buried in the book stacks of the W.E.B. DuBois Memorial Library reading big piles of books, occupying countless bandwith, and writing megabytes worth of Microsoft Word Files.

As the 2004 US Presidential campaign careens toward almost certain electoral chaos on November 2nd (and likely for days and weeks after), I am busy writing a brief history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and British industrialization (to be posted soon upon submission)--one of the many arduous chores set before me by the Master Craftsmen of the modern day Guild System known as graduate school. As I clear hurdle after hurdle of this apprenticeship process, I fear that my ability to keep tabs on the ins and outs of Washington politics and the "inside baseball" look at economic policy in the international political economy. Postings will still be regular, but with greater periodicity (i.e. less frequent). I'm only one man...


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