Friday, October 15, 2004


John Stewart and the geniuses at the Daily Show have coined the best word for expressing holisticly our ever-deteriorating war on Iraq: Mess'o'Potamia.

Enter this NYT's late edition teaser:

"In other violence in Iraq today..."

Escalation in journalistic ennui such as this is rather frightening: mapping diminished expectations and defeatism onto the collective conscience.

Fox News ran a headline on tonight's ticker that read something about Bush extending warm Ramadan wishes to people of the Muslim faith.

Meanwhile, just below the aforementioned teaser, another NYT gem of a headline: "US Pounds Fallujah in Ground and Air Assault."

We can draw but two conclusions:

1. Bush's utter lack of connection with reality is simply staggering: he must be battier than Napolean. Or,

2. Bush knows exactly what the reality is but is lying through those gap-buck-toothed-chromosome-deficient teeth of his to dupe the overworked, information-bombarded masses. But this guy couldn't be selling us all a bill of goods, could he?

I think people might readily make compelling arguments for either one of these theses. But it should be clear that neither one is a good choice for American voters...and g-d knows for the rest of the world. If only those monobrowed Nader supporters would just grow up, this thing might just be a lock for Kerry.


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