Friday, December 05, 2003

A Little Too Close to Home:

As if I needed more reason to dislike Joe Lieberman (D-CT), here's what he had to say today:

"I like doughnuts. I like sweets. I like candy. I'm not saying if you eat a jelly doughnut or have a high-sugar bottle of soda, you're going to get sick, but if you have too many it's going to affect your health."

Look, it's pretty clear that the political economy of our global food production system is founded upon hyper consumption of fats and simple corn and potato starches for some people, starvation for others. Fat is a public health issue with political origins. We can debate the wisdom of US agricultural policy that shamelessly subsidizes overproduction and the dumping of surplus capacity on world markets (and into big fat American tummies), but let's not scapegoat the donuts. They're delicious.

This should make Decision 2004 that much simpler for Democrats in New Hampshire and Iowa:


Two words: No Contest.


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