Friday, November 07, 2003


Man, $4 Billion doesn't buy what it used to. Sure, Turkey got a nice payoff for standing w/ the Bush administration in the "Coalition of the Bribed and Arm-Twisted" against Iraq early last spring, but now that there is real work to be done (more than just being a ceremonial ally), Turkey's nowhere to be found. The nerve.

Here's what Turkey had to say: '"We said from the beginning that we were not too eager anyway," said Mr Gul.'...aka, sorry we had our fingers crossed, thanks anywat for the windfall.

Turkey's refusal to send troops into Iraq is certainly a blow to Bush, but does little to change most of the world's view of him as an illegitimate emperor of Iraq. Will be interesting to see how this story filters thru the US press. My guess is it won't make it too far, and that instead the press will be lulled into submission by Bush's softer overtures to plant a forest of democracy in the middle east.

I remember someone else who wanted to let 'a thousand flowers bloom.' And that man's name was....


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