Friday, October 31, 2003

This blog is an experiment. I am hoping it will be an outlet for my frustration with the deluge of superficial journalism and vapid, hackneyed opinion and analysis that is known collectively as the mass media, and that has a choke hold on our national political discourse and is steadily strangling what most people believe to be a democratic process.

My interest is in exploring political and economic reality beyond the myths, conventional wisdom and spin. My interest also lies in exploring how journalism and the punditocracuy mediate this reality for the general populace (which I shall refer to derisively as "the blob"). My vantage from working inside the Washington, DC "Beltway" and outside the political establishment affords me great opportunities to watch these processes as they unfold. On occassion, I myslef have been mediated out of existence by this process.

There are many out there in the powers that be who would like to pull the wool down over people's eyes, would like to keep them so sedated by super-sized extra-value meals and the legions of cable television networks that people exclude themselves from participating in our society. They profit from keeping people ignorant.

Why do this? Why not? It's fun for me, and maybe someone will even read my blog someday (I have no delusions, though). Then we can have a dialogue, then a multipolar discussion, then the world...Even a tiny blade of grass, over time, can break concrete.

Really I just want to write a placeholder for right now until something better comes up.


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