Tuesday, April 05, 2005


TK writes me today:

I don’t ordinarily send things like this around, so I apologize for the intrusion. But I think this is an important (if long-term) issue for Democrats. The District of Columbia has no voting representation in Congress. Despite the fact that DC has a bigger population than Wyoming, it has no Senators, and its Representative in the House – Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat – cannot vote for legislation on the floor.

But DC’s population is heavily Democratic and progressive. If the city had full voting rights, you can bet the Senate today would have 46 Democrats instead of 44, and the House would get one more voting Democrat.

Beyond politics, of course, it’s plainly anti-Democratic that DC residents should pay the same federal income taxes as the rest of us but still be denied representation.

To highlight this issue, a group of DC residents have joined together to try to raise enough money to buy the naming rights for RFK stadium, home of the new Washington Nationals (for those of you who aren't fans, they are the newest Major League Baseball team).

This would bring significant and much-needed attention to the cause; polls show that Americans disprove of the idea that people should pay taxes without representation (duh), but don't realize it's happening here.

To make a pledge for the cause, visit: http://www.taxationwithoutrepresentationstadium.com/.


At 1:17 PM, Anonymous cb said...

It's more than fair, especially in light of the recent redistricting of Texas by DeLay and his cronies to increase Republican control in the House. IIRC, they took five more seats through redistricting, further tipping the scales there to 21 R, 11 D. If only the District of Columbia could get "districted."

We better hurry before they have all the DC-representation proponents rouned up and shot along with all those "activist" (ahem, objective) judges.


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