Wednesday, July 21, 2004


If you're like me, this is what passes for summer beach reading.

I've added some new titles to my Amazon reading list: Beyond Economic Globalization.

One time while searching for books there I stumbled across a list compiled by Dan Griswold of Cato. So as not to be out done, I cobbled together my own globalization reading list to push back against Cato's ploy for ideological hegemony at Amazon.

Admittedly, most works on economic globalization devolve to hackneyed "free trade good/bad" polemics and fail to puncture the surface of the deep seated social, political and economic change spawned by globalization. Arguing about what trade does to per capita incomes only takes you so far and tends to obscure deep understanding of how (and for whom) the world really works. Hence, Beyond Economic Globalization.

Be sure to visit and rate my list so that when people search for globalization-related items at Amazon, they come across my list instead of theirs. Culture war? Bring it on!


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