Wednesday, June 23, 2004


It seems like this WaPo article is saying Bush's Justice Department wrote a legal memo in August 2002 that outlined ways to skirt international law prohibiting torture. Because this memo looks bad (i.e. it shows the Bush administration condoning and promoting torture) it will now be rewritten to fit today's new moral and political norms.

In another indication that the Bush White House is more concerned with politics than security (and that claims of priviliged silence to protect national security are merely political weapons):

As part of a public relations offensive, the administration also declassified and released hundreds of pages of internal documents that it said demonstrated that Bush had never authorized torture against detainees from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In doing so, the administration revealed details of the interrogation tactics being used on prisoners, an extraordinary disclosure for an administration that has argued that the release of such information would help the enemy.


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