Wednesday, February 25, 2004


It's times like these that I ask myself WWCD? That's right, What Would Cato Do?

At the same debate in the summer of 2002 where I heard Grover Norquist say that Nazi Germany and the school board of Des Moines, Iowa are the same form of totalitarian government, I heard Cato Chairman William Niskanen orate on the principles of limited government and individual liberties established in the US constitution.

A public service announcement from your local school board.

Cato, of course, is a well known shill for corporate America and a close ally of the Bush administration, providing the bulk of its pseudo-intellectual rhetoric for tax cuts, privatizing Social Security, and generally deconstructing the social fabric painstakingly built in the years since America's gilded age.

This is by no means an endorsement of Cato, but--right or wrong--Cato has largely stuck by its ideological underpinnings (for example, Cato supports decriminalization of illicit drugs).

Now the Republicans, the party of non-interventionsit government, want to greatly expand the government's powers to curtail individual civil liberties by amending the very document that it purports establishes limits on the power of government to intrevene in the lives of individual Americans. Truly twisted.



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